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The First Journey Encounter: Discovering Your Travel Essence

Our inaugural meeting, where we delve into the depths of your desires, travel profile, preferred season of adventure, and the cherished duration of your voyage.


We design your trip

After the first meeting, knowing more about what you want to experience in Switzerland we created an amazing itinerary, schedule a Zoom to present and discuss these ideas.


Start exploring Switzerland

After the itinerary approved , we deliver your unique and personalized itinerary. It’s time to embark on your unforgettable adventure and create memories that will warm your heart.

Where WE Go

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Lake Blausee
St Pierre Cathedral


Our Services

Complete Custom Travel Design

We are passionate about travel and specialists in planning and designing itineraries that respond to your desires, going far beyond a typical tourist map.

with Private Tour Organization

We arrange private tours with first-class expert guides, offering cultural, culinary, and oenological experiences along with personalized circuits, among others.

Other Services

Our main responsibility is to ensure that our clients have a seamless and stress-free travel experience by taking care of all aspects of trip planning, from flight and hotel reservations to transportation and activity organization.

including Creation of Authentic Experience

With our itineraries, you will explore hidden gems and interact with the local population, all organized in a personalized manner based on your interests. You will immerse yourself in the culture and discover what makes Switzerland a dream destination and why the Swiss take so much pride in their country.

We offer additional services to optimize your time in planning, logistics, and execution of our custom itinerary, such as: flight ticket sales, chauffeur-driven limousines, private guided tours in your language, car rentals with all-inclusive insurance, and no hidden costs or additional charges upon vehicle pickup. Swiss Travel Pass sales, travel insurance, international telephony, group tours, and much more. Availability 24/7 in case of need.


Unique Experiences


We offer permanent availability on site 24 hours during your trip.   

Memorable Places

Itineraries rich in original experiences

Fully customized

Personalized experiences. We design your itinerary according to your travel profile.


Fluency in English, Portuguese, and French


Take the trip of your dreams. We take care of everything!

We are specialists in creating trips and experiences with soul and affection for experienced and refined travelers.

Combining technique, sensitivity, passion for service and commitment to quality, VP Travel Switzerland aims to turn your dreams into real experiences and fill your travel days with memorable moments.

We are ready to plan an original and unique trip with the best that Switzerland has to offer.

Vania Pantoja

Travel designer specializing in Switzerland

Trips Gallery

Completed Journeys

Glacier Express

Glacier Express, our must-have. Be amazed by the majestic Swiss Alps,

breathtaking views, and indulgent train journey.

Get ready for a trip you’ll never forget!

St Moritz – Zermatt

Huus Igloo Gstaad


Bad Ragaz Spas

St. Gallen

Gorges de l’Areuse


Bord du lac Montreux


How about getting to know swiss favorite places, hidden away from tourists?

Planning a vacation itinerary can be overwhelming with the amount of information available on the Internet. With us, you will experience unique and exclusive experiences without wasting your precious time.

We design your itinerary according to your travel profile. How about delegating the organization of your trip to us?

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